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Trevor Lockhart(non-registered)
Great Work, wonderful vision. You are in a wonderful Place
Jackson Salvant(non-registered)
We were stationed in Altus from August 1959 until April 1963 and remember all the great things about a really small town.
What are the ICBM bases being used for today?
Jim & Carol Traumiller(non-registered)
Trevor, Thanks for sharing the pictures of your trip to Panama. Now that we have seen your pictures we will have to go and see for ourselves what this part of Panama is like first hand. Your photography certainly whets the appetite for more....
Nelda Gregory(non-registered)
Fascinating! I was born in Blair, OK in 1940. I love all the pictures of my homeland. My dad worked for the Conservation place that was real close to the dam. We used to could walk across the whole dam...scarey! On the north end of the dam on the west side of the steps was a door. My dad took our family and let us walk under the dam through a leaky tunnel with just a few lights. They have since sealed up the door and and closed off the tunnel and you can't walk across the dam any more. I have my picture on that same boulder taken when I was about three. My dad told us about the caves, he went in a few, but was too leery of rattlesnakes.We lived on a farm north of blair, on a sandy land, grew some cotton, a few hogs, and a cow or two. My favorite tree is the tall old cottonwood. and the tumbleweeds, did you see the plant that when dried makes a large devil claw. the points are very sharp. My best toys were the 'horny toads.' I went to sleep a many night hearing the coyotes call. I love the feel of warm sand between my toes still. Thanks for a great trip back to my childhood. God bless you!
Diane Lockhart(non-registered)
You make every place look inviting and beautiful. Nice Pictures
Ginger Summerlin(non-registered)
Love all your pictures Trevor. You definitely have a talent for photography. Keep it up!
Cathy Kelley(non-registered)
You are an amazing photographer! You have a God-given eye for seeing the beauty in nature and in people, and for being able to capture that in your photographs! I love seeing your pictures! You give me a chance to travel to places I will never get to see. I am thankful for your stay in MS and your friendship!
Kathleen Dougherty(non-registered)
Trevor you have a true talent for this. Every photograph is exceptional. I am so fortunate to have met you and very happy to know you.
Michelle Lockhart(non-registered)
Love seeing your photos Trev from all over the world! You are an amazing photographer...keep it up!
You sir are an exceptional photographer. Though I'm more of an artsy theme type your quality photos are great.
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